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  • Founder's Story

    Pocket Sun

    Born and raised in China, Pocket Sun (@pocketysun) came to LA for her master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Never did she plan on becoming an entrepreneur, but she quickly realized that gender disparity is a huge issue. She felt compelled to change the status quo and disrupt the boys' club. And that's exactly what she did.


    SoGal was born - a platform that empowers the next generation to succeed, and a community that connects global entrepreneurs to change the world. Since the beginning, SoGal has been relentlessly bringing new ideas to life and supporting great startups. We have hosted some of the most awesome conferences, including SoGal Summit, SoGal Startup Bootcamp, SoGal YouTuber Fest (now SoGal Influencer Summit), SoGal Vietnam Summit, Her Startup global competition, as well as the SoGal World Tour.


    In less than 2 years, SoGal has attracted 50,000 members from over 20 countries. We are going global with chapters in Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Vietnam, New York City, San Francisco...


    In 2015,

  • Team

    Some of the smartest and most energetic women on the planet.

    Elizabeth Galbut

    SoGal NY

    Elizabeth is the other Founding Partner of SoGal Ventures. She's also the founder of A-Level Capital, a student-run VC fund powered by Johns Hopkins University alumni.

    Chenchen Sun

    SoGal LA

    Chenchen is a Sophomore student at University of Southern California. 

    Interested in both entrepreneurship and #girlpower, she finds SoGal to be THE organization to share her passion and be devoted to. As a Disneyland enthusiast, she also dreams to start a theme park with infinite possibilities.

    Hue La

    SoGal Vietnam

    Hue is a recent graduate from the University of Southern California. She's also on the board of SHIELD, a strong force in the Vietnamese startup ecosystem.

    Mandy Mao

    SoGal SF

    Mandy works at LeEco U.S. on project and business development. With a marketing background, she has helped startups in entertainment, technology, fashion and lifestyle industries on branding and product marketing. She believes in gender equality and women empowerment, and is looking to be inspired by powerful female entrepreneurs.

    Angie Carrillo

    Latin America

    Angie is a SoGal Ambassador located in Peru, Mexico and Silicon Valley. She's self-taught coder, and a proud alumnus of Draper University's 7-week entrepreneurship program in April. Recently, she was hired by the United Nations to teach girls to code in Peru.

    Ally Liu

    SoGal LA

    Ally is a sophomore at University of Southern California with a strong interest in mobile app development, and has helped several startup companies with business strategies, prototypes, and UI/UX design. Ally aspires to become a successful entrepreneur and empower more millennials.

    Kelly An

    SoGal Silicon Valley

    Born in Asia and educated in America and Europe, Kelly is an entrepreneur with global vision. Currently Kelly serves as a sales engineer at PayPal, providing technical solution designs for the firm’s Top 75 merchants and channel partners in North America. She is passionate about applying her global vision to the future of fashion tech, and a vocal advocate for gender diversity in tech. Her educational background at Georgia Institute of Technology and Agnes Scott College inspired her to set up a foundation for female college students, bridging liberal arts education with the tech world. Kelly is also a key force in creating a life-size billboard for the #ILookLikeAnEngineer movement. This movement has inspired hundred engineers around to world to combat gender and racial stereotypes in the industry.