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    Jul 2016 | Sydney

    Panels & talks to help you start your business before 30!

    SoGal Shanghai x Grace Chen

    Jun 2017 | Shanghai

    Visiting Haute Couture Grace Chen's showroom and discussing luxury brands

    SoGal NYC Spring Mixer

    May 2017 | NYC

    Fun networking session about brand, startups, and entrepreneurship at the LANYU showroom

    SoGal Gal Boss Bootcamp

    Mar 2017 | Hangzhou, China

    3-day bootcamp + retreat to revamp your personal branding!

    SoGal NYC Happy Hour

    Feb 6, 2017 | NYC

    Stay warm this January by connecting with other female founders + venture capitalists for happy hour at The Black Derby!

    Feb 26, 2017 | San Francisco

    An energizing, all-levels Vinyasa flow yoga class followed by refreshing mimosas and light brunch refreshments!

    Feb 26, 2017 | NYC

    In collaboration with boutique studio Tone House!

    Oct 16 2016 | Boston

    Entrepreneur casual networking!

    SoGal NetWorkout

    Oct 25 2016 | Shanghai

    Energetic yoga + Poke + GalPower!

    Beauty From Inside Out II

    Oct 27 2016 | Shanghai

    Keynotes + Panel + Brand Marketplace!

    Beauty From Inside Out I

    Sep 29 2016 | Singapore

    Entrepreneur Talks + Brand Marketplace!

    SoGal World Tour: Seoul

    Oct 9 2016 | Seoul

    Entrepreneur casual networking!

    SoGal Influencer Summit

    Oct 8 2016 | Los Angeles

    Build you brand, lead the waves!

    SoGal High Tea Party

    Sep 14 2016 | Los Angeles

    Entrepreneur Talks + Networking!

    July 20, 2016 | Silicon Valley

    Our signature annual conference for millennial, diverse entrepreneurs! 

    July 20, 2016 | Santa Clara

    Meet 16 global finalists from the US and Asia!

    SoGal in Bali

    July 8, 2016 | Ubud, Indonesia

    Founder Pocket Sun gives a talk on how to maximize girl power in entrepreneurship!

    #HerStartup LA Pitch Night

    June 23, 2016 | Los Angeles

    #HerStartup NYC Pitch Night

    June 22, 2016 | New York City

    #HerStartup SF Pitch Night

    June 24, 2016 | San Francisco

    SoGal Startup Bootcamp

    Sep 2015 | Los Angeles

    3-day female founders festival!

    SoGal NYC Luncheon

    Apr 2015 | New York City

    Feat. Tim Draper, Founding Partner at DFJ Ventures

    SoGal YouTuber Fest

    Nov 2015 | Los Angeles

    Summit of influencer economy!

    SoGal Women Luncheon

    Dec 2015 | Los Angeles

    Feat. Lisa Lambert, VP at Intel Capital

    SoGal Beauty Fest

    Apr 2016 | Los Angeles

    Summit of beauty, makeup, and everything girls love!

    Marketing Crunch Course

    Mar 2016 | Los Angeles

    Panels & workshops to help startups get more traction!

    SoGal Sydney Kickoff

    May 2017 | Sydney

    High quality small group discussions about the direction of SoGal Sydney!

    SoGal Shanghai Dinner

    May 2016 | Shanghai

    Curated group dinner for millennial women founders

    SoGal SF Spring Dinner

    May 2017 | SF

    Turned into a 5-hour dinner discussion marathon for a group of ambitious tech entrepreneurs!

    SheVC May Event

    May 2017 | Singapore

    A group of SheVC members attending a charity ball together!

    SoGal Shanghai May Mixer

    May 2017 | Shanghai

    Another monthly gathering of millennial women entrepreneurs in Shanghai

    SoGal World Tour: Shenzhen

    Feb 2017 | Shenzhen

    First SoGal Shenzhen mixer attracted 30 women founders and operators

    SoGal Hong Kong Brunch

    Feb 2017 | Hong Kong

    Gathering a group of globetrotting young women entrepreneurs

    SoGal Beijing Brunch

    Feb 2017 | Beijing

    An intimate Brunch get-together of SoGal community members

    SoGal Shanghai 1st Brunch

    Mar 2016 | Shanghai

    First SoGal Shanghai Brunch meeting

    SoGal Shanghai Dec Dinner

    Dec 2016 | Shanghai

    A curated group of consumer brand entrepreneurs in Shanghai

    SoGal Shanghai Dec Workshop

    Dec 2016 | Shanghai

    Learning about leadership style, mindfulness, and following your instincts

    SoGal Taiwan: Pitch Perfect

    Nov 2016 | Taipei

    Pitch Perfect workshop was an interactive session to practice effective and powerful self introductions

    SoGal LA Oct Brunch

    Oct 2016 | LA

    SoGal SF Launch Event

    Jul 2016 | SF

    This is where SoGal SF started! An awesome group of women joining on a pouring rainy day!

    SoGal World Tour: Bali

    Jul 2016 | Bali

    Another gathering with women founders, freelancers and nomads in Bali

    SoGal World Tour: Bali

    Jul 2016 | Bali

    Another gathering with women founders in Bali