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    SoGal is the largest global platform for the next generation of diverse entrepreneurs and investors.

    We are a powerful network built by fearless visionaries and relentless executors.

    We believe in diversity, breaking the norms, and changing the world.

    With SoGal, You will always be energized, motivated and inspired.

    Through entrepreneurship and venture capital, SoGal is redefining what YOU are capable of.

  • Gal Boss bootcamp

    Hangzhou, China


    Transform your personal brand over a beautiful weekend at the West Lake, with 20 Gal Bosses and 4 rockstar instructors! We will teach you all about life goal setting, brand positioning, and how to become a #SoGalBoss!

    Limited 20 seats.

    Partners & Sponsors: .CO, Lotus Galde Hotel, CILK Rose Water, VCleanse, RealFace Studio, Jenny Yang Image Consulting, Girls Labs, BQ (BecomingQueen), Lavido Skincare, Jennifer Mak.

    SoGal Summit 2016 & Her Startup gLOBAL fINALS!

    Silicon Valley


    A full-day of empowerment and inspirations for diverse, emerging entrepreneurs and investors. We presented 4 world class keynote speakers, 8 featured entrepreneurs, 16 startup teams from the US and Asia, and 450 diverse attendees!


    Her Startup is the first global female-focused startup competition. We selected 16 Global finalist teams from 12 Rounds of competitions in the US and Asia, and took them on a 6-Day bootcamp in Silicon Valley!

    SoGal Influencer Fest

    Cross Campus Downtown LA


    YouTubers, influencers, media experts, lifestyle gurus, producers, comedians, and musicians came together to share their stories with YOU! Let's dive in this third wave of digital media movement. We'll take you on a step-by-step journey to learn how to create an awesome YouTube channel and transform it into a successful career, as well as how to enter a new market, and how to growth hack a media startup.

    SoGal Startup Bootcamp

    Los Angeles


    A 3-day celebration of entrepreneurship, technology and diversity. We gathered 640+ attendees, for a 52-hour Startupathon, and a 35-session Bootcamp over a weekend! We learned, brainstormed, pitched, danced, meditated, partied, made long-lasting friendships, and built eight startups!

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    Are you ready to:

    Open up your world to entrepreneurship, venture capital and technology?

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    In the SoGal network, you will:

    Be empowered and inspired in a peer-to-peer support system.

    Connect to other badass founders who are ready to help.

    Access to tons of curated resources for young entrepreneurs.

    Attend fabulous events hosted by SoGal and partners around the world.



  • What we do

    Game-changing Community for Diverse Entrepreneurs

    We empower you to invent your own reality and redefine yourself. Then we help you with ideation, pitching, marketing, business development, design and other essential skills. Anything to help you shine like a diamond.

    High Impact Global Events

    SoGal conference series include SoGal Summit, Her Startup Global Competition, SoGal Startup Bootcamp, SoGal Influencer Fest, SoGal Beauty Fest, SoGal World Tour, GalBoss Bootcamp and more! We connect you with entrepreneurs, startups, investors and mentors, so that you can be inspired and inspiring.

    Smart Capital for High-growth Startups

    High impact, high returns -

    SoGal Ventures is the world's first female-led millennial venture capital firm investing in diverse founding teams in both the U.S. and Asia. We're rapidly building a diverse and powerful investment portfolio!

    Send us your deck: hello@sogalventures.com

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